Bojan Veličković

Bojan VeličkovićShow detail

Defeated fighters

Andreas Michailidis

Andreas MichailidisShow detail

Máté Kertész

Máté KertészShow detail

Samuel Krištofič

Samuel KrištofičShow detail

Tato Primera

Tato PrimeraShow detail

Leandro Silva

Leandro SilvaShow detail

Radovan Úškrt

Radovan ÚškrtShow detail

Andrej Kalašnik

Andrej KalašnikShow detail

Ioannis Palaiologos

Ioannis PalaiologosShow detail

Matúš Juráček

Matúš JuráčekShow detail

Łukasz Siwiec

Łukasz SiwiecShow detail

Amiran Gogoladze

Amiran GogoladzeShow detail

Melvin  Van Suijdam

Melvin Van SuijdamShow detail

Alex Lohoré

Alex LohoréShow detail

Louis Glismann

Louis GlismannShow detail

David Kozma

David KozmaShow detail

Christian Jungwirth

Christian JungwirthShow detail

Marcel Grabinski

Marcel GrabinskiShow detail

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