Tipsport Gamechanger Rules

General rules

  • 16 selected fighters participate in the Pyramid
  • Weight category - 70,3 kg (155 lb). A weight tolerance of 0.5 kg is allowed, even in the case of the final match.
  • Round length - The matches last 3 rounds of 5 minutes each. The final pyramid match lasts 5 rounds of 5 minutes.
  • The fight cannot end in a draw. A winner must be chosen in each round. If both fighters score the same amount of points in a round, the judge must choose the winner of the round, doing so by circling their name.
  • The fight cannot end as a no contest. Each judge must choose a winner. This also applies if a fighter is not able to continue the fight after an accidental foul, e. g. in the first round.
  • Appeals against the result must be made within 24 hours and must be decided within one week at the latest (in the case of the opening round, no appeal is possible)
  • The Tipsport Gamechanger project lasts according to the rules of the contract - if nothing unforeseen comes into play, it will start on 2.3. and will not end later than 31.12.2024
  • Matches are held according to MMA rules
  • Finance and payout terms are described in the contract
  • Fines and penalties are detailed in the contract
  • The first tournament is on 2.3. and the other tournaments will be specified shortly
  • The promoter will determine the matchups for the first round of the tournament
  • After the end of the first round, the quarter-finals will be drawn and seeded by the fighters themselves to complete the bracket and potential progression to the finals
  • The draw takes place in such a way that according to the Fightmatrix rankings the fighters randomly draw numbers 1-8 and then place themselves in this order for the quarter-final matches
  • Quarter-finals will take place across two events
  • Semi-finals will take place at one event
  • After the announcement of the tournament project, European fighters will be given the chance to enter the second half of the opening round
  • No fighter can refuse his opponent (see contract)
  • Weigh-ins will take place according to the points specified in the Tipsport Gamechanger contract


  • Reserve matches are intended to complete the pyramid in case of injury or illness of the advancing fighter.
  • Potential replacement fighters will be selected by the promoter for the first event, or will compete in a reserve match
  • A fighter cannot refuse an opponent at any stage of the tournament
  • Fans will determine who will become Lucky Loser by their votes after the end of the 1st round (the selection of fighters for the voting is the choice of the promoter)
  • In the event of an injury, the Lucky Loser with the most votes in the voting will replace the injured Pyramid fighter and jump back into the tournament.
  • Voting is open to tournament losers and winners from reserve matches or fighters promoted by the organization.
  • The judges must decide the winner in each bout, no ties are possible
  • Matchups in the opening round are decided by the promoter

Lucky Loser

  • In case of injury, the "lucky loser" with the highest number of votes will step in for the injured fighter and jump back into the pyramid. This principle can be repeated before the semi-finals. Votes can be cast for the losers of the tournament and the winners of the reserve match or fighters supplied by the organization

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